5 Things You Must Know While Hiring An Attorney

5 Things You Must Know While Hiring An Attorney : Lesia Kuzma

First things first. Hiring an attorney is never going to be easy. Apart from being sure that you have made the right choice, there are other aspects, which you need to look into. Your basic objective is to get someone, who has the experienced and is prime enough to represent you.

When it comes to hiring the services of an attorney, you certainly don’t go around shopping. On the contrary, you look for some basic traits and other factors, in order to make an informed decision.

Listed below are a few pointers which might come in handy and benefit you.

1. Start by looking at the track record: Right before selecting any legal expert, it makes a lot of sense to look at the track record. An attorney with a proven experience is an asset and this really is one of the vital aspects. Someone who has the legal knowledge will better represent your cause that a novice.

2. Get someone who understands you: For convenience, you must try to find a layer, who has a better understanding of your business or cause. He /she should be a good communicator and must put all effort to provide you with actionable advice and suggestions.

3. Consider the image and overall personality: The lawyer you choose must have a calm head and a very strong personality. Other than this, the lawyer should have a clean record and should not have any complaints, misconduct charges or other such accusations.

4. Evaluate the fees charged: it is not as if lawyers are cheap. Depending on their specialization, they can be expensive. In case, the fee is structured, it then helps you to break the expenses accordingly. Be polite and ask for the all the details.

5. Opt for a competent attorney: A competent attorney is someone who can put your worries to reset. The main issue here is the trust and you must have a bit of comfort zone with the lawyer. Unless you make it a point to communicate effectively, the attorney will not be of any help.

In view of the business you are dealing with, a good attorney will try to simplify the proceedings. The best you can do is to keep it simple. Remember to check all the aspects and accordingly select the one who meets your specific criteria.

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Lesia Kuzma is an experienced Senior Attorney, whose prime ambition is to assist her clients in the hour of need. Her key area of focus is in the areas of civil litigation, real -estate matters and so forth. She was recognized and awarded in 2010 for her good work of saving 2000 homes from foreclosure. A Philadelphia resident, Ms. Kuzma is a regular speaker at the Philadelphia Bar Institute.


Lesia C. Kuzma

Lesia Kuzma

Lesia C. Kuzma is a Philadelphia based attorney with more than 25 years of experience. She obtained her B.A with Honors from Princeton University and received her Juris Doctor Degree from Villanova Law School. Lesia Kuzma was highly recognized for her pioneering role as Chair of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Mortgage Foreclosure Steering Committee.